One Day At A Time

There are some things that need little effort to accomplish, those things always yield little in the way of results. And truth be told, many of us are content to spend our days and effort accomplishing little trivial things that really aren’t significant. Anything lasting and worthwhile requires effort and commitment. Great resolve is necessary to accomplish great things. Great ideas will not bear fruit without a lifetime of effort.

The apostle Paul may not have had this thought in his mind when he spoke these words recorded in Acts 20:24, “But I count myself as nothing; nor do I regard my life as valuable to myself, so that I may complete my course with joy, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to bear solemn testimony to the gospel of the grace of God.”

Paul dedicated his life, better said Paul sacrificed his life to telling the (known) world about Jesus Christ and His Grace. That was Paul’s purpose for living. As a result of his life’s work, we have (give or take) 2/3’rds of the New Testament. His letters contain spiritual guideposts and principles for spiritual living that have reached hundreds of millions of believers in the 2000 years since they were written. Not too bad for a lifetime of work. We’re not Paul, but if with the dedicated effort we can impact our families, our congregations and our communities for Christ. A lifetime of work is accomplished one day at a time with dedication and focused effort. Praying we begin to earnestly work for the LORD today. Mike