What Is God Wanting Me To Learn?

My daily thoughts have been occupied with our current turmoil. I find myself wondering what GOD is wanting me to learn from all this. And At the same time wondering what changes will come about and how long they’ll last. I remember 9/11, after the attacks people had a renewed faith and worked together to make our country better. It didn’t last. After a while people returned to their old ways, settled back into their old attitudes and thought patterns. I pray that when we come out of this crisis (and we will come out of it), that we think long and hard before slipping back into our carefree and apathetic mindset. In the past, GOD used plagues and famine (and other crises) to get the attention of the world and in doing so, GOD drew many back to Him. As a people, we’ve gotten comfortable and complacent. We don’t challenge ourselves to go to a closer, more intimate relationship with GOD through Jesus Christ. Resurrection Sunday was just a few days ago, it was difficult and discouraging not to assemble as a body. I think GOD was trying to get us, you and me as individual believers, to STOP focusing on the how we worship, to STOP focusing on where we worship, to STOP focusing on who is in church and who isn’t. GOD is wanting us to focus on WHO we worship. To be sure, we like a smoothly run service with no hiccups or mistakes. That’s not the point of worship! The focus of every time we’re together is to worship our Heavenly Father in song, in reading and teaching the Word, in sharing the Cup and the Bread. All this we do is to glorify, honor and praise our GOD, not to be entertained. And by doing so we’re drawing closer to Him. James 4:8 reads (in part) “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you…” I’m praying we don’t waste the current turmoil by not drawing nearer to our Father who is relentlessly calling for His Children to (4:8, the other part) “Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded” and return to Him. GOD’S Love, Mike