It’s No Longer Held Against Us

Today’s thoughts are centered on the past, or rather our relationship to our past. Much of the time we dwell on our failures, our missed opportunities and measure our standing with GOD accordingly. And that plays into the devil’s hands. He desires to keep us on our knees, weak and ineffective. But GOD has other ideas. Paul wrote to the Philippians to encourage them in their walk. We find this verse…

Philippians 3:13 “Brothers, I do not consider myself to have embraced it yet. But this one thing I do: Forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,”

My attention is focused on the last part of the verse. “Forgetting what lies behind”, Paul is telling them (and us) to not concern ourselves with the past. We cannot change it, GOD Himself cannot change our past, the events and occurrences. We can change the impact our past has on us. Paul realizes that he’s not as mature spiritually as he needs to be, the one thing that holds him back is the past. Paul, before Jesus, hunted Christ-followers and put them to death. I’m pretty sure none of us have skeletons like that in our past. So whatever we’ve done, is past. GOD has forgiven us and it’s no longer held against us. My prayers are that we accept His forgiveness and no longer let our past define who we are today nor allow our past to taint our present relationship with GOD. Much Love, Mike