What To Do If You Knew

  How many of us know the future? If we could, what would we do with the information? Would we change our routine if we knew when we were going to die? Even if we knew when and if we did alter our routine, it wouldn’t make any difference. GOD has numbered the days of our life and nothing we can do can change that. Isaac knew that, as he was passing his inheritance to his sons Esau and Jacob. The Word says in Genesis…Genesis 27:2 “And he said, Behold now, I am old, I know not the day of my death.”Since we don’t know, all we can do is “be ready”. It’s appointed a man once to die and then the judgement. We need to be ready to face GOD at any moment, that’s our responsibility. The consequences of not being ready impact our eternity. And with eternity in the balance, we might want to “be ready”. Grace and Love, Mike