Beware Apostasy

Have you ever felt like you’re being hated or mistreated because you’ve chosen to follow The WORD and not the world? GOD tells us there are days coming when people will fall away from the faith, apostasy is the Biblical term. Christ followers will become fewer and fewer and will be despised, persecuted and even killed for the Faith. This is one of the signs that Jesus talks about in Luke 21. But this isn’t a new thing for GOD’S Chosen People. The prophet Obadiah said this about the Hebrew people…Obadiah 1:2 “Behold, I have given you [to be] small among the nations; you are greatly despised.”Now I’ve taken this Old Testament verse and used it to drawn a parallel between the Jewish people and Christ followers. But the same thing that happened to the Jews (and still is) is beginning to happen to Christ’s followers today in our country. Christian churches are closing every week, people professing Christ as LORD are diminishing. We should be concerned enough to bring people in but we should not be surprised that it’s happening. Jesus said these things shall come to pass, then look for His Coming! Be vigilant and most of all, be ready! Mike