Where Is The Honor?

In our service for the LORD, there are lots of things that need done, some are highly visible and are noticeable, others are regularly accomplished with little fan-fare, and still others are menial chores that seem like drudgery. The think all of them have in common is who the work done in the service of. Things have a natural sequence in which they must be done. Whether first or last, visible or behind-the-scenes, glorious or menial, everything that needs to be done must be done. Moses wrote in Numbers the following…

Numbers 2:31 ” All who were numbered of the camp of Dan, one hundred and fifty-seven thousand six hundred: they shall set out last, with their standards.”

When Moses was moving the tribe of Israel through the wilderness there had to be order, several million people have to be organised to move. Someone had to be first, someone had to be in the middle and someone had to be last. There is honor in the work, not because of what the work is or the order in which it’s done. The honor is because we’re working for the LORD. And He rewards alI who serve Him no matter what the work is! Grace and Peace, Mike