What Is Your Tell

Looking over the verses we see a list of actions that are indicators. Card players call them “tells”. They are give- aways as to weather the player is bluffing or not. If we look hard enough we’ll recognize these “tells” in our life. Is our language starting to slip, our thoughts wandering, our jokes having double meanings? It’s the little things that give away the things in our heart. When we start going down that path, it never comes to a good end, continually thinking up ways to “do evil”. And in these things, the result is discord. Maybe the “tell” is discord and that’s the key we need in order to work backwards to reveal the other tells. However we come to recognize the signs, the important thing is that we take whatever means necessary to correct the behavior and get ourselves on the right path. The Wonderful Grace of GOD is vital to every course correction. Praying we recognise the “tells” and turn them over to GOD! Mike