Fight Songs

Every school with sports teams has a fight song. “Across the Field” is my favorite. Each branch of the military has its anthem that is sung on specific occasions. “The Marine Corps Hymn” by John Philip Souza means a lot to me. Those are mine, and I’m sure you have yours. They are sung to celebrate victory, commemorate the past and in some cases honor the fallen. The Hebrews had their victory songs as well. The book of Judges has several, notably Chapter 5. The entire chapter is a victory song of Deborah and Barak. I’m focusing on one part of one verse tonight.

Chapter 5:21 says in part,  
“O my soul, march on with strength.”

When the battle seems lost and we’re too __________ to go on (you fill in the blank), we need to tell ourselves “march on with strength”. A worldly wag would say, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” Pretty much the same thing. To be sure the holidays are hard on us emotionally, spiritually and physically. And this year has been especially difficult because of all that the world has heaped on top of us. But GOD, gives us the strength to keep fighting, victory comes to those who perserver. So my point (and prayer) is not to give up, GOD is fighting on our behalf, There’s Victory in Jesus, My Savior Forever… That’s who we celebrate this time of year, the birth of Victory!  GOD’S Love and Merry Christmas! Mike