He Is In Control

How many of us like to be on the losing team? None of us right? And we don’t like it when our favourite sports team loses, do we? How about in a personal issue we’ve been fighting gets the better of us? We get discouraged, disappointing, and depressed because we feel like we’ve failed. What if I told you there is a path to victory in every situation? It may require a change our definition of victory but we’re on the winning side. Consider the following verse …

1 Corinthians 15:57

The victory comes by way of our faith in our LORD. He fights the battles on our behalf. Way too often when I’ve lost a battle and done an “after-action” analysis, I’ve found that I was doing the fighting in my own strength. And in doing so, I was interfering with the LORD’S ability to fight on my behalf. How many of us do the very same thing completely unaware that GOD has things in hand? Praying we get out of His way, trust that He has things under control, and believe that the outcome will be a victory! GOD hasn’t lost a battle yet!!! Mike