What Are Trials And Troubles?

I guess I’d be safe in saying that trials and troubles come in all sizes. And rarely do we get any advance warning. If you took all of our troubles and combined them with all of the troubles of our friends and then mixed all of the troubles of the rest of the world there is one thing they cannot change. They can’t change the simple fact that GOD still sits on His throne in Heaven, and He is still Sovereign, He reigns and rules over the World. David recognized this when he wrote the following …

Psalm 103:19 ” The LORD has prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom rules over all.”

Trials and troubles are things GOD uses to grow our faith. Our faith isn’t perfect, it can’t be. We’re imperfect humans. Our faith isn’t complete, it can’t be because we will not be complete until we’re in heaven. My encouragement is a reminder to us is that no matter what happens in our daily life, no matter what happens in our country or in the world, GOD remains on His Throne and He is watching over His faithful children. The challenges we face are opportunities for us to witness GOD working on our behalf! Stay on course, stay focused and GOD will see us through. In His Service, Mike