Moving In Rhythm

Many years ago a young 17 year old arrived at boot camp. Training platoons were formed up and the command “Forward March” was given. And we moved like a mob, out of step, not in the neat precise ranks you see on the parade grounds. Multiply that platoon by four and you have a training company of around 300 men and 12-15 drill instructors. Chaos soon follows, even with one drill instructor giving commands to his platoon, the group’s hadn’t yet learned to “hear” their drill instructor’s voice from the cacophony of noise. Once we did, we were able to hear our drill instructors voice and his particular way of calling cadence. Only then were we able to fall into an easy rhythm. And marching became efficient and somewhat restful. Today’s verse is found in several different places in Scripture, this one is out of Matthew…

Matthew 11:15 “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

Back in boot camp all those years ago, we had ears but we hadn’t learned to “hear”. So we moved like an unorganized herd, ineffective and inefficient. Our spiritual life has many similarities. Until we train ourselves to listen for HIS Voice and follow HIS Commands, we’re nothing but an unorganized, ineffective and inefficient herd. Definitely not what GOD has in mind for HIS People. But when it comes together and we’re listening and obeying, we fall into a rhythm and as a group moving in rhythm, we have power. We move in and with the Power of GOD. GOD’S People can be an unstoppable force for good in this world. Prayers that we have ears to hear HIS Voice and a heart to follow HIM. Peace, Mike

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